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Care for your candle


Before you light your candle ensure the wick is first cut to half its length.

You can then light your candle and enjoy the amazing scent it offers.

Before you extinguish the flame please ensure the whole top surface of the candle has melted, this will stop your candle forming a well in the wax and will allow for an even and clean burn every time.

Every time you relight your candle ensure you trim the wick to give a clean burn.


Burn time should be no more than two hours per session, Once extinguished the scent will still permeate the room.

Please stop using your candle once you have burned down to 1cm from the base or when you can clearly see the base of the glass.As with all candles Never burn your candle until all wax is used as this can cause undue heat on the glass.

Never leave a candle unattended and keep the surface of the candle free of any debris from the wick.

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