Candle Accessories

Further enhance the ritual with our customised candle accessory range, new to House Alchemy.

Caring for your House of Alchemy Candle is essential to ensure your candles burn evenly and continue to stay beautiful for hours to come.

Exclusive to House of Alchemy

Wick Trimmer

The role of a wick trimmer is to maintain the integrity of your candle wick whilst enjoying hours of quality burn time.


To maximise your House of Alchemy candle experience ensure you trim the wick to ¼ of an inch, each time before lighting. This ensures a clean flame and helps stop the wick from smoking.

Candle Snuffer

The role of a candle snuffer is to neatly put out your candle flame at the end of lighting.


Use of our snuffer will minimise smoking associated with extinguishing a flame and ensure the wick remains centred in the wax.This beautiful accompanying accessory allows for easy access into deeper glass to exterminate the flame and certainly adds to the ritual.

Re-ignite the Ancient art and ritual with House of Alchemy