The Art & Rituals of Candles

The ritual and ceremony that is the act of lighting a candle has been with us throughout history. It has been written that it was the Ancient Egyptians who first developed candles. Then there were the flames from Ancient Asia with evidence of man-made temple-candles.


Indeed, it can be said that man has always maintained a captivation with the light the candle offers and symbolises.

The essence of lighting a candle is deeply ritual and is recognised universally as a sacred and special gesture, either towards another or towards oneself. Ubiquitously candles symbolise light
and the indwelling 
flame, and remain
a significant instrument in union, ceremony, sacred rituals, birthdays, special occasions, dining experiences, weddings, tributes, spirituality, religion, lunar celebrations and much more.
Your inspiration expands the list.

The integration of fragrance into the candle experience enriches the ceremony to broader enchantments, both personal and universal. Be it warm and soothing tones or deepening subtleties the ritual offers hours of burn time that are made sacred by the adoption of selected scents. You make the instance what it will be by your choice of aroma.


Explore and join us in our love of the ancient art. Each illumination awaits the opportunity to enhance and light up the occasion.

Care for your Candles

To care for your House of Alchemy candle and to maximise the magic within please ensure you trim the wick to around a quarter of an inch every time before lighting this ensures a clean flame and helps stop the wick from smoking.

To optimize the candles longevity please burn the candle for sufficient time to allow the surface of the candle to fully melt, this will stop your candle from tunnelling.

And then Enjoy

Never leave your candle unattended once lit.